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Discover the Power of Music - With songs from the Playlist for Life


Save time and money by sending us your personalised playlist and we will install the songs in to our MP3 Player.Send us your personal playlist from the Playlist for Life, or any other tracks you wish to include, and we will install them in your MP3 Player ... Ready to Play Straightaway when you receive it.


This brilliant MP3 player can be personalised by us from the Playlist for Life List - which has been researched by the BBC to be the most popular for people living with Dementia.  You can easily replace the songs with your own ones; special songs that mean something to your loved one, that can help to trigger memories.


Through research it has been proven that music greatly enhances the lives of people living with Dementia/Alzheimers ..  Although day-to-day memories may be difficult to remember, people with Dementia/Alzheimer's respond extremely well to music, and can often sing along with no difficulty.  


Product Details:


LONG TIME PLAYBACK: Fully charged for 3-4 hours, which offers to play music up to 80 hours /Listening to FM Radio for 10-14 hours at medium volume. You can charge it in computer or with the general charger which output is "5V, 0.5-1A" (Please notice that it may play 40 hours with other earphones.)


EASY OPREATION/TRANSFER: Just drag and drop the music file or folder directly when connecting to computer, Shuffle favorite songs in any folder or playlist which you selected, Simply Sync playlists by Media Go(for free) on your computer,Works perfectly with Car via AUX port. (Additional male to male AUX cable is needed)


HiFi-CLASS BIG SOUND: Loss-less Sound quality with Latest upgrade chip, Support Most Popular Audio formats:MP3(MP1,MP2,MP3),WMA,OGG,WAV,APE,FLAC,AAC-LC,ACELP.(Requirements for APE and Flac:8KHz-48KHz, 1000Kbgs)


MULTI- FUNCTION &LARGE MEMORY:8GB Internal Capacity for up to 2000 songs, supports up to 64 GB Micro SD Card! 

MP3 Music Player - Playlist for Life

SKU: 1027
  • Music can be a powerful trigger for memory recall

    Greatly enhances and brings pleasure to the lives of people with memory loss


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