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Introducing the Amazing Digital Photo and Video Memory Box


If you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer's it can be devastating for loved ones to witness the person they love and care about lose their Identity.


It is important to keep memories alive of your loved one, and to remember who they are, their life, their loves, and the family who are important to them.


The Digital Memory Box can do that for you ... and more!


What You Can Do With The Digital Memory Box


*  Store Digital Photos and Videos (with sound) which come to life on a 7" LCD Screen

*  Videos can be viewed complete with sound to enhance viewing experience

*  Over 100 Photos and up to 1 hour of Video can be stored

*  If you have a loved one recently diagnosed with Dementia why not video special moments with them - and store them in the memory box, so you have beautiful memories to treasure in the future.

*  Store key items that are person to you/your loved one


Key Benefits

*  Provides Comfort to family members

*  Never lose the true identity of their loved one

*  When shared, the memory box encourages conversation and interaction with loved ones living with Dementia

*  Can help trigger memories for people living with memory loss

*  Items placed in the memory box can be used as a trigger for memory recall

*  A beautiful keepsake, that can be treasured and shared with family members - for now and in the future


We have also designed Children's Memory Boxes which can be used for Children who have been bereaved by the loss of a parent, sibling or friend.  By storing a child's digital memories, and being able to access them in such a beautiful way, it helps comfort and aides the grieving process.


It truly becomes a personal and beautiful timecapsule, personal to each child.

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